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I survived my first year of teaching!!!

It's been a crazy and challenging year.  Frankly, I'm not a very good teacher yet, especially in the area of classroom management.  And that led to lots of stress, tears, exhaustion, and even burnout at times.  The year was not without its high points, of course.  Teaching can be fun, and rewarding...even if you're a first year teacher who feels like she has no clue what she's doing and not enough support.  I had a not insignificant number of those happy moments.  And I certainly loved each of my kids individually. 

But I'm incredibly glad it's summer.  This summer, even with my trip to China, will be the most relaxing one I've had in probably 10 years.  I'm looking forward to the chance to relax, rejuvenate, and ready myself for next year.  Because next year will be crazy again, especially since my school is moving buildings and adding a sixth grade.  But by August, I will be rested, and will hopefully have things planned and prepared so that next year goes much more smoothly than this year did.
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Here's the blog post I wrote on the train Wednesday afternoon (you'll have to wait until the next blog post to hear about today's adventures!):

I'm over halfway through my month of travel already! I can't believe how fast time is flying by. It's been pretty amazing traveling throughout Europe. Finals went well; nothing was too hard. The one setback was that I didn't finish my 12-page philosophy paper before I left. It wasn't due until two weeks after my last class, but I didn't want to have to do it while traveling, particularly since that meant I had to drag my laptop and books along. On the bright side, having my laptop has been kind of nice, and it's the reason I can write this blog post on my way to Tours, France!

A really long post with lots of pictures! )
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So, someone on a forum I'm a member of is doing a survey for a class. I found reading the responses pretty interesting, so I figured I'd post it here. (I'm planning on passing the results on; let me know if you mind.)

1. What country are you from?

2. Have you been to another country/countries?
Yes / No
If yes, please name the country/countries & when you visited: _______

3. Do you have a desire to visit another country?
Yes / No
If yes, please name the country/countries: _____

4. What would be the most likely purpose of your visit?
Work / Study / Vacation / Other
If other, please specify.

5. Have you been to a non-English speaking country? (if English isn't your first language, have you been to a country where your first language isn't spoken?)
Yes / No

The rest of the questions, and then my answers )
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So, since the first two days of classes are over, I decided it was time for a summer roundup. Over the summer, I kept a list on the "Extended Info" box on Facebook of books I've read, movies I saw in theaters, and places I'd been. I may have missed a couple of items, but it's a pretty good summary of my summer. Since I'm going to remove those items from Facebook soon, I thought I'd post them here.

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Quite a full summer!
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I'm having an absolutely AMAZING time in Spain! I've been here for less than a week, and I'm already bemoaning the fact that I can't stay longer than a semester. Of course, we'll see if that changes once classes start tomorrow.

Cut for detail and a few photos... )
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Well, after a week and a half, my family vacation is finally over.  On Friday the 15th, we flew to New York. We spent a couple of days there, then drove a rental car up to Boston, Montreal, and then finally back to New York. We then flew back home to California on Sunday the 24th, and celebrated my upcoming birthday that night with my aunts. Finally, we went to Disneyland today, since a couple of my mom's patients work there and gave us complimentary tickets. Then we went out to dinner with my dad (who couldn't go to Disneyland b/c of work), and sort of celebrated my birthday tonight, since I won't be home on my actual birthday.

And now, in just a few hours, I'm headed off to Spain for a semester abroad. I can't believe it's time to leave already! I'm a bit nervous. I've never traveled to a foreign country alone before, and despite 4 and a half years of Spanish classes, my Spanish is still not very good. Plus, it's been a year since I've really used it.  Also, I'm still far from being packed, and I leave in less than five hours! Thankfully, I'll be able to sleep on the plane, since I'll be up all night.  But even though I'm a little nervous and a bit stressed (though not too stressed to write this, apparently...), I'm still WAY excited to be going to Spain!
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My dad is changing jobs.  That's big news, as he's worked in the same law firm since before I was born and had worked in only one firm before that (for just a short while, until he got laid off). But after 25 years of working for the firm, he's changing to a new one at the end of the month. My dad's not talked a whole lot about the change (I first learned about it from my mom, and he never brought up the subject with me until after he heard my mom and I talking about it), but I think he's both excited and a tad nervous about it. He's still going to be more of an employee than a full fledged partner, but he's getting paid better and its something different. It's a smaller firm than the one he's at now, and they specifically asked him to join just out of the blue. He hadn't been looking for a new job, but his boss had left his current firm indefinitely, so the timing was really good. So anyway, that's sort of the big news for my family, though nobody's made a big deal out of it.

I'm off to Washington with my mom soon to visit my aunt and cousins. Hooray for Spring Break
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I've really been enjoying my Christmas break, which is about half over already.  I went to San Francisco with my friends Amanda and Jennifer (just one of my high school friends with the same name as me. Surprisingly, I don't know many people at my college with that name.) for a week, and had a blast. The trip wasn't cheap, but hey, after finals, I was ready to splurge! Also, we did find cheap plane tickets, so we didn't have to spend time and money with driving and parking.  We didn't even have to rent a car or anything, since public transportation is so easy and didn't cost all that much, especially since we bought a weekly pass for the muni.  And the hotel was right on Fisherman's Wharf, too, so we were able to walk to Pier 39, Ghirardelli Square, etc.

So yeah, I had a great Christmas.  Tomorrow, my family and I head out to a hotel for two nights just for fun.  We do that occasionally, as a cheap and quick vacation.  It's not too far, but it's a pretty nice hotel, and we'll get to do some shopping. No free internet access, but I guess I'll survive without it. ;-)

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!


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