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Time again for one of my round-ups! This is a pretty full one. I had more time to read last semester than I've had in a LONG time. And of course, I did lots of other cool things as well!

Books I've read:
  • The Rope Trick by Lloyd Alexander (reread)
  • Fire by Kristin Cashore
  • Dreamhunter by Elizabeth Knox
  • Young Miles by Lois McMaster Bujold (reread)
  • Dresden Files Books 1-12 by Jim Butcher
  • Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare
  • Little Lord Fauntleroy by Frances Hodgson Burnett
  • The History of Rasselas by Samuel Johnson
  • Lady Susan by Jane Austen
  • Coraline by Neil Gaiman
  • Queen of Attolia, King of Attolia, and Conspiracy of Kings by Megan Whalen Turner (re-read on the first two; also, got halfway through The Thief)
  • The Sally Lockhart Mysteries (Books 1-4) by Phillip Pullman

Places Visited:
  • Colorado, USA
  • Maastricht and Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • London, UK
  • Brussels, Brugge, and Ghent, Belgium
  • Monschau, Berlin, and Munich, Germany
  • Athens, Thessaloniki, and Poros, Greece
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Bern and Interlaken, Switzerland
  • Salzburg and Vienna, Austria
  • Venice, Milan, Siena, Lake Como, and Florence, Italy
  • Madrid and Sevilla, Spain
  • Paris and the Loire Valley (inc. Bloise and Tours), France
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Edinburgh, London, and Stratford-upon-Avon, U.K.

Productions Seen:
  • Les Miserables (two different productions, in London and Edinburgh)
  • Don Giovanni at the Estates Theatre in Prague
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream (the ballet) at the State Opera House in Vienna
  • Oliver! in London
  • Legally Blonde the Musical in London
  • Macbeth at the Globe in London
  • King Lear (Royal Shakespeare Company Public Understudy Performance) in Stratford-on-Avon

Other random things I've done:
  • Volunteered at Junior Winter Camp at Forest Home
  • Taken and passed the PRAXIS II
  • Got my B.A. from Baylor University!
It was quite a semester!
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Months ago, [ profile] chachic  asked me to post pictures of the Selexyz Domincanen Bookstore, which she read about in an article. I'm finally getting around to it! The article has much better pictures than I do, though, so make sure you check out that link as well!

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What follows is a "quick" recap of the lase few weeks of my study abroad trip. I wrote it Saturday, but as I've been pretty internet-less, I'm only getting to posting it now! Here it is:

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Here's the blog post I wrote on the train Wednesday afternoon (you'll have to wait until the next blog post to hear about today's adventures!):

I'm over halfway through my month of travel already! I can't believe how fast time is flying by. It's been pretty amazing traveling throughout Europe. Finals went well; nothing was too hard. The one setback was that I didn't finish my 12-page philosophy paper before I left. It wasn't due until two weeks after my last class, but I didn't want to have to do it while traveling, particularly since that meant I had to drag my laptop and books along. On the bright side, having my laptop has been kind of nice, and it's the reason I can write this blog post on my way to Tours, France!

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I'm alive!

Mar. 21st, 2010 10:56 pm
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I was nudged to update weeks ago, and as you can see, never got around to it.  These past two months have been such a whirlwind, I haven't even kept up with my LJ reading, which I usually do even when I don't post.  My weekends have been filled with traveling, while my weekdays have been filled with schoolwork.  I'm only taking four classes this semester (and unfortunately, unlike last semester, none are all that interesting to me), but since I don't have time to do schoolwork during most weekends, and each semester-long class is squeezed into seven weeks, they keep me on my toes!

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I'm in Europe! Maastricht, the Netherlands, to be exact, where I'll be studying for the next couple of months. I've also already spent a few days in England with my group. It's only been just over a week since I've arrived on this continent, and things have been a whirlwind so far! I'm loving it, though.

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My allergies have been so bad the last couple of days that every time I step out side, my nose starts to tickle and my face feels like it's puffing up.  Inside isn't a whole lot better, as I still sneeze and constantly have to blow my nose. I can't wait until this season is over!

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Next Year

Apr. 19th, 2009 08:30 pm
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Well, I'm all registered for next semester's classes now!  Things can still change, but for now, I'm pretty content with what I've got. I'm taking the following 7 classes*:
  • Computers in Society
  • Introduction to Computer Systems
  • BIC Capstone: The Once and Future King: David, Jesus, and King Arthur
  • World Cultures V: Islamic Culture in the Middle East**
  • The Early Republic, 1789-1860 (American History)**
  • Introduction to Language and Linguistics
  • Ballet I
The BIC*** capstone classes are usually only offered in the spring, but for some reason, they're offering one section of it in the fall. As the topic is the one I've been wanting to take, I went ahead and signed up for it. However, with that out of the way, I only needed one hour of computer science and I'd be done with all my major and minor requirements after next semester.  And then I got to thinking, Why don't I study abroad in the spring?  Originally, I'd been opposed to studying abroad my final semester, but the idea suddenly started to get attractive.  My mom was very supportive of the idea, and so I started to look at the various programs that my school approves.

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So, someone on a forum I'm a member of is doing a survey for a class. I found reading the responses pretty interesting, so I figured I'd post it here. (I'm planning on passing the results on; let me know if you mind.)

1. What country are you from?

2. Have you been to another country/countries?
Yes / No
If yes, please name the country/countries & when you visited: _______

3. Do you have a desire to visit another country?
Yes / No
If yes, please name the country/countries: _____

4. What would be the most likely purpose of your visit?
Work / Study / Vacation / Other
If other, please specify.

5. Have you been to a non-English speaking country? (if English isn't your first language, have you been to a country where your first language isn't spoken?)
Yes / No

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...but only for the next couple of days. 

Even though I'm at an American school, we don't get a Thanksgiving break here, which SUCKS.  I keep seeing Facebook status updates from people from my university back home, who will be going home for the weekend soon, while I have school on Thanksgiving day. Also, this'll be the first Thanksgiving that I don't spend with my family. My friends and I may do something for the holiday, but we haven't made plans yet, so I don't know if anything's going to happen.


On the bright side, I'm going to Edinburgh this weekend. It'll be freezing, but I'm still really excited!  And I can let myself listen to Christmas music soon!

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Well, it’s been almost two months since my last real update. But then, I’ve never claimed to be good at updating on a regular basis. Busyness combined with laziness just get in the way. So, here’s the first part of a rather condensed version of what I’ve been doing lately. I actually typed it up before I went to Rome this past weekend (which was amazing!), but I didn’t have a chance to put it up. Hopefully, the next couple of parts of the update will go up within the next week or so!

Flowers I found in Barcelona

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[Error: unknown template qotd]My parents have been bugging me about updates. I know I'm WAY behind, but I've been busy (ok, and lazy!). October was a crazy month for me schoolwise.  I'm working on uploading pictures to Facebook before updating here, though, since I'm even more behind on that. But I do want to mention that I went to Paris this weekend. I have a friend from high school who's studying abroad in the UK, and she and some other people on her trip had been planning on going to Paris on their free weekend for awhile. So I'd decided this summer that I'd try to join them. Anyway, I did, and had an absolute blast. I was there for 4 days, and it still wasn't enough time to do all that I wanted to do. I'll give more details as well as pictures (I took like 600 of them!) later, with the rest of my update.

Anyway, on to the election. It's election day, and my first time (maybe) voting for a president, so I feel like I have to say something.  As I'm in Spain, I requested an absentee ballot. I meant to mail it in, but it took me awhile to figure out who and what I was voting for. And then I lost my ballot for a week (of course, it ended up being in a place I put it so as NOT to lose it...), and found it right before I went to Paris. So anyway, since California lets you fax your vote in, I tried faxing it in today. I don't know if it went through, though, as the fax machine was a little confusing. So either they got like 2 copies of my ballot (I hope that's ok!), or they didn't get it at all, which is why I said I only "maybe" voted. Oh well, I tried, though I know I should have gotten on the ball and mailed it earlier.

This is a BIG election (as evidenced by the voter turnouts today), and it's interesting not being in the US for it.  Of course, the election is a big deal for the entire world, and so while the fuss is less here (and I'm not all that into politics anyway) I still can't help but hear things about it and talk about it some.  Actually, my teaching partner and I have talked about it in our ESL class, and it was interesting to see how every single person in that class supports Obama. Apparently, a huge percentage of Spaniards feel the same way.

At my school tonight, they're holding a party while they wait for the results to come in, from midnight until 8 in the morning. I thought about going, but I have WAY too much to do, and I need my sleep. I'll follow it a bit online while I'm working, though, and then check it in the morning when I wake up (or if I sleep in too late, as usual, I'm sure I'll hear all about it once I get to class tomorrow).

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Well, it’s been two weeks since I last updated, and I don’t really have an excuse! Things were still crazy the first week of classes, but in the last week, things have finally begun to settle into a routine. It’s still a pretty crazy, fun-filled routine, but a routine all the same. 

The Roman Aqueduct in Segovia


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I'm having an absolutely AMAZING time in Spain! I've been here for less than a week, and I'm already bemoaning the fact that I can't stay longer than a semester. Of course, we'll see if that changes once classes start tomorrow.

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I'm here! I arrived late this morning after a smooth trip going from Los Angeles to Toronto and Toronto to Madrid. No lost luggage or delayed flights or anything like that this time! After going through customs and waiting forever to get my bags, I took a taxi to the university. It took me a little while to figure out where I was supposed to catch the taxi, but after that it went smoothly. Thankfully, I had a note from my university telling the driver where to go, because the driver didn't know English and my Spanish wouldn't have been enough. However, the driver and I did talk a bit on the trip over, so I started getting practice in my Spanish right at the beginning!

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Well, after a week and a half, my family vacation is finally over.  On Friday the 15th, we flew to New York. We spent a couple of days there, then drove a rental car up to Boston, Montreal, and then finally back to New York. We then flew back home to California on Sunday the 24th, and celebrated my upcoming birthday that night with my aunts. Finally, we went to Disneyland today, since a couple of my mom's patients work there and gave us complimentary tickets. Then we went out to dinner with my dad (who couldn't go to Disneyland b/c of work), and sort of celebrated my birthday tonight, since I won't be home on my actual birthday.

And now, in just a few hours, I'm headed off to Spain for a semester abroad. I can't believe it's time to leave already! I'm a bit nervous. I've never traveled to a foreign country alone before, and despite 4 and a half years of Spanish classes, my Spanish is still not very good. Plus, it's been a year since I've really used it.  Also, I'm still far from being packed, and I leave in less than five hours! Thankfully, I'll be able to sleep on the plane, since I'll be up all night.  But even though I'm a little nervous and a bit stressed (though not too stressed to write this, apparently...), I'm still WAY excited to be going to Spain!


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