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I'm the most indecisive person in the world, and am having the hardest time deciding on a camp name for the summer! My best friend says it should have something to do with dancing, as that's one of the things I absolutely love doing, but I couldn't come up with anything good. I also thought briefly of rocking the school spirit and being something to do with bears, but didn't have any real ideas for that either (I guess I could just combine the two and be Dancing Bear!). At any rate, here are my top 8 choices at the moment, in a poll because polls are fun. So vote, and if you have any other cool ideas you didn't mention earlier, put them in the comments.[Poll #1391080][Poll #1391080]
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I finally know what I'm going to be doing this summer!  Last summer, I worked two weeks as a counselor for the high schoolers at a summer camp I've been attending in one shape or form for years.  That was fun, but ever since I was little I've wanted to work there for a whole summer, preferably with elementary age kids.  Well, I've finally got my wish!  I applied to work there as a counselor for the 3rd-5th graders in late January (since I was there last year, my "application" consisted of letting them know I wanted to come back and what job I wanted).  I didn't get interviewed until mid-March, and it wasn't until today  (when I'd almost given up hearing from them) that I heard I got a job.  It's not the job I applied for, but it should still be a lot of fun!* At any rate, I'm excited to finally know which of my several tentative plans for this summer will be actually carried out.

Speaking of summer, in just over two weeks I will be done with this semester! We only have 6 more days of classes (tomorrow is  "Diadeloso", where my school has a bunch of fun activities planned), and then I have all my finals in three consecutive days.  It's going to be quite a push getting through it all, but it's good to know it's almost over!

*Unfortunately, this camp is a non-profit and doesn't pay well at all. But you can't have everything, I guess!
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I'm FINISHED with all 6 of my finals! It's officially summer!

...Although I had a scare today. I woke up early to study for my dance final, and made the mistake of studying on my bed. I fell asleep...and woke up 5 minutes after the final had started. Thankfully, I live on campus, so I threw on shoes and a sweatshirt (easier than changing out of the large t-shirt I was wearing as a night shirt), pulled my messy hair up into a ponytail, then ran to take the test. I got there 10 minutes late, but it was all good. And then I was out of there in 20 more minutes, finished with my last final!

I also just discovered I got an A in my Combinatorics and Algebra class, which was REALLY exciting. That class was hard!

So now I have just over 48 hours to pack and clean and just do whatever I want.  Then I pick up my dad from the airport and we start driving home!

ETA: Woah, I'm halfway done with college. How'd that happen so quickly???


Apr. 25th, 2008 04:42 pm
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On Shakespeare's birthday, [personal profile] sartorias posted a list of links of various projects that aren't easily defined or aren't boosted by the "big guns" in publishing.

One of the links she posted was to a book you can read online entitled Darkside.  Anyway, since she recommended it, and described it as "smart" and "funny", I gave it a try, though I don't usually read urban fantasy.  It was a lot of fun!  I read it all the way through, and didn't get much studying done that night...

Speaking of studying, next week is the last full week of classes. I have a test to take and two papers to write that week.  One of the papers is giving SO much trouble (the other isn't easy, but at least it's fairly short).  The test is not going to be hard as well. And then when that week is over, finals start the next Thursday.  My finals this semester are all packed together, which is going to kill me!   I'm still not looking forward to summer itself that much, since for most of the summer I won't be doing anything all that fun, but I REALLY can't wait to be done with my classes!

So yeah, it's not going to be a fun weekend, for the most part. At least I had a TON of fun last night, with Chicago and with celebrating a friend's birthday. Oh, and Sunday we're going to be celebrating my roommate Elise's birthday. We were supposed to celebrate it last Sunday, but we had to cancel it at the last minute. It was going to be a surprise, and since Elise didn't know about it, she ended up missing it as she was working out at the gym with her phone in a locker.  She knows about it this time (though she doesn't know all of what we have planned), so hopefully it'll work out!
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Now I gotta go pack, since my flight home leaves at 4pm.



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