Apr. 25th, 2008 04:42 pm
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On Shakespeare's birthday, [personal profile] sartorias posted a list of links of various projects that aren't easily defined or aren't boosted by the "big guns" in publishing.

One of the links she posted was to a book you can read online entitled Darkside.  Anyway, since she recommended it, and described it as "smart" and "funny", I gave it a try, though I don't usually read urban fantasy.  It was a lot of fun!  I read it all the way through, and didn't get much studying done that night...

Speaking of studying, next week is the last full week of classes. I have a test to take and two papers to write that week.  One of the papers is giving SO much trouble (the other isn't easy, but at least it's fairly short).  The test is not going to be hard as well. And then when that week is over, finals start the next Thursday.  My finals this semester are all packed together, which is going to kill me!   I'm still not looking forward to summer itself that much, since for most of the summer I won't be doing anything all that fun, but I REALLY can't wait to be done with my classes!

So yeah, it's not going to be a fun weekend, for the most part. At least I had a TON of fun last night, with Chicago and with celebrating a friend's birthday. Oh, and Sunday we're going to be celebrating my roommate Elise's birthday. We were supposed to celebrate it last Sunday, but we had to cancel it at the last minute. It was going to be a surprise, and since Elise didn't know about it, she ended up missing it as she was working out at the gym with her phone in a locker.  She knows about it this time (though she doesn't know all of what we have planned), so hopefully it'll work out!
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I just checked out The King of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner, as I hope to complete one of my chapters for the readaloud over at [community profile] sounis  (note: you must be a member of the community to view the post). Anyway, I couldn't help re-reading parts of it today, despite the fact that I have tons of homework to do. While I was re-reading, I was reminded of just how much I LOVE this book. It's one of my favorite books of all time, though I admit that there are quite a few books in that category. (What can I say? As my LJ username suggests, I love to read!) In fact, I usually don't write book reviews, but this one deserved it, so I went over to several places and posted this review, which I'm now sharing here because it fits here better than on my usual blog:

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I haven't read any of the Harry Potter books but the first two (though I intend to read the entire series someday). However, I love fantasy, especially YA fantasy, and so this meme sounded fun!

My recommendations may not be all that similar to Harry Potter, given that I haven't read most of them, but they are three of the first fantasy books that popped into my mind.


[profile] jpsorrow  has kicked off a great meme which aims to create a huge list of recommendations for people looking for something to read post (or instead of) Deathly Hallows...


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