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[Error: unknown template qotd]Day? Yes. I've been procrastinating WAY too much, and would like to go back and NOT procrastinate.  
Month? No. Entirely too much stress, despite the bright point of my 21st birthday.
Year? Definitely! In the past year, I've lived in Europe, was part of Sing Alliance as we won 3rd place in All University Sing, had my dream job of working up at camp, and revisted both New York and Hawaii. I'd take the bad parts of the year over again just because there was so much good!

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[Error: unknown template qotd] The mountains, most definitely. I mean, just look at these pictures from the trip to Scotland I took over Thanksgiving weekend:

Pretties! )

The ocean is pretty, and I wouldn't mind having an ocean near the mountains, but if I had to choose between the oceans and the mountains, the mountains definitely would win.  Then again, maybe I'm just slightly biased against the ocean because the sand and sea irritate my skin (though not as bad as they used to), and I'm allergic to sunscreen so I have to be careful not to get burned.  I do love the ocean at night, though...

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[Error: unknown template qotd]My parents have been bugging me about updates. I know I'm WAY behind, but I've been busy (ok, and lazy!). October was a crazy month for me schoolwise.  I'm working on uploading pictures to Facebook before updating here, though, since I'm even more behind on that. But I do want to mention that I went to Paris this weekend. I have a friend from high school who's studying abroad in the UK, and she and some other people on her trip had been planning on going to Paris on their free weekend for awhile. So I'd decided this summer that I'd try to join them. Anyway, I did, and had an absolute blast. I was there for 4 days, and it still wasn't enough time to do all that I wanted to do. I'll give more details as well as pictures (I took like 600 of them!) later, with the rest of my update.

Anyway, on to the election. It's election day, and my first time (maybe) voting for a president, so I feel like I have to say something.  As I'm in Spain, I requested an absentee ballot. I meant to mail it in, but it took me awhile to figure out who and what I was voting for. And then I lost my ballot for a week (of course, it ended up being in a place I put it so as NOT to lose it...), and found it right before I went to Paris. So anyway, since California lets you fax your vote in, I tried faxing it in today. I don't know if it went through, though, as the fax machine was a little confusing. So either they got like 2 copies of my ballot (I hope that's ok!), or they didn't get it at all, which is why I said I only "maybe" voted. Oh well, I tried, though I know I should have gotten on the ball and mailed it earlier.

This is a BIG election (as evidenced by the voter turnouts today), and it's interesting not being in the US for it.  Of course, the election is a big deal for the entire world, and so while the fuss is less here (and I'm not all that into politics anyway) I still can't help but hear things about it and talk about it some.  Actually, my teaching partner and I have talked about it in our ESL class, and it was interesting to see how every single person in that class supports Obama. Apparently, a huge percentage of Spaniards feel the same way.

At my school tonight, they're holding a party while they wait for the results to come in, from midnight until 8 in the morning. I thought about going, but I have WAY too much to do, and I need my sleep. I'll follow it a bit online while I'm working, though, and then check it in the morning when I wake up (or if I sleep in too late, as usual, I'm sure I'll hear all about it once I get to class tomorrow).


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