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I am currently sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for my Borders (Amazon) order of 4 paperback books to come in. And they probably won't be here for another week and a half, because I just ordered them last night. The thing is, I don't even have time to read them once they come in (I'm STILL behind on schoolwork), but I'll disregard that and devour them anyway.

The Ladies

Feb. 13th, 2008 01:51 am
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About a month ago, I read The Ladies, a short story about Mrs. John Adams found on the online speculative fiction magazine, Coyote Wild.  Unlike most of the speculative stories on the magazine, this one contains no magic or magical creatures. Instead, it is sort of an alternate history. 

Oh, and on a side note, Sherwood Smith ([personal profile] sartorias) has a couple of stories on Coyote Mag that are worth a read.  The first is Summer Thunder, a story set in the same world as Crown Duel, the Inda stories, Senrid, etc..  The second is the lovely story And Now Abideth These Three.
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 Ok, I know not many people read this, but to those of you who do:

Senrid is available for pre-ordering! Senrid is a YA fantasy story written by the amazing author, Sherwood Smith (aka [personal profile] sartorias  ). If you've read Crown Duel or Inda, Senrid is set in the same world, Sartorias-deles. (And if you haven't read either of those two books, they're also great!) It's a fun and exciting book, which I know because I've read one of the drafts when it was posted on [profile] athanarel. And if you buy it, you'll also be supporting a new press. Oh, and a warning: it's a hard-back, so it's not cheap. I know I won't be able to buy it for awhile yet, since I'm on a college student's budget.  If you can afford it at all, I think Senrid is definitely worth the money. However, if you just can't spend $25 on a great book, then convince your library to get it, and you can read it anyway!

On the same note, Inda's sequel, The Fox comes out in August! I'm even more excited about that one, because it's one I haven't read yet!


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