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Ereka ([ profile] song_of_truth) is an American studying abroad in Japan's Iwate Prefecture, which is in her words, "one of the hardest hit by...everything."  Her home university (or really, her study abroad travel insurance company) ordered her home, but she's decided to defy the order and stay anyway.  And while it'd be really easy and understandable for her to be selfish at this time, she's instead doing everything she can to help.  This includes putting up offerings on [ profile] help_japan . 

Ereka is offering to make two temari for the top two bidders.  Temari balls are a traditional form of Japanese embroidery.  She made me one as a holiday gift once, and it is absolutely beautiful.  Look:


If you would like a temari as well, go bid for one on [ profile] help_japan !


Apr. 25th, 2008 04:42 pm
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On Shakespeare's birthday, [personal profile] sartorias posted a list of links of various projects that aren't easily defined or aren't boosted by the "big guns" in publishing.

One of the links she posted was to a book you can read online entitled Darkside.  Anyway, since she recommended it, and described it as "smart" and "funny", I gave it a try, though I don't usually read urban fantasy.  It was a lot of fun!  I read it all the way through, and didn't get much studying done that night...

Speaking of studying, next week is the last full week of classes. I have a test to take and two papers to write that week.  One of the papers is giving SO much trouble (the other isn't easy, but at least it's fairly short).  The test is not going to be hard as well. And then when that week is over, finals start the next Thursday.  My finals this semester are all packed together, which is going to kill me!   I'm still not looking forward to summer itself that much, since for most of the summer I won't be doing anything all that fun, but I REALLY can't wait to be done with my classes!

So yeah, it's not going to be a fun weekend, for the most part. At least I had a TON of fun last night, with Chicago and with celebrating a friend's birthday. Oh, and Sunday we're going to be celebrating my roommate Elise's birthday. We were supposed to celebrate it last Sunday, but we had to cancel it at the last minute. It was going to be a surprise, and since Elise didn't know about it, she ended up missing it as she was working out at the gym with her phone in a locker.  She knows about it this time (though she doesn't know all of what we have planned), so hopefully it'll work out!
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*Click Image Above to Visit Site*

More on Into Narnia, A Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian RPG )

Edit: A different ad now, since I like it better!
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Random links I think you should visit:

Operation Christmas Child - Fill a shoebox with gifts for a child who may not otherwise get any!

FreeRice - Improve your vocabulary while helping donate rice at no cost to you!

The Literacy Site and its affiliates - Help donate money to worthy causes by just clicking a button once a day.

Project Download (which has an LJ community [profile] projectdownload) - Download a file once a day to help Erin, who suffers from two neurological disorders, pay for the brain surgeries she needs.  As with the above two links, the only cost to you is your time.

[community profile] holiday_wishes - Spread the holiday cheer by granting people's wishes and posting your own. I'm a maintainer of the community (and participated last year as well), and I think that it's a wonderful way for people to connect. Not everyone's intentions are altogether altruistic, but overall the spirit of the community is very friendly and giving. (My wishlist is here, if someone wants to grant one of my wishes! ;-) )

YA Fantasy Readers
- A Yahoo! group I set up awhile ago that really doesn't have anyone there yet.  It's meant to discuss - what else? - YA fantasy, and it's open to anyone, teen or not (after all, I'm barely a teen myself now!).


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