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Well, after a week and a half, my family vacation is finally over.  On Friday the 15th, we flew to New York. We spent a couple of days there, then drove a rental car up to Boston, Montreal, and then finally back to New York. We then flew back home to California on Sunday the 24th, and celebrated my upcoming birthday that night with my aunts. Finally, we went to Disneyland today, since a couple of my mom's patients work there and gave us complimentary tickets. Then we went out to dinner with my dad (who couldn't go to Disneyland b/c of work), and sort of celebrated my birthday tonight, since I won't be home on my actual birthday.

And now, in just a few hours, I'm headed off to Spain for a semester abroad. I can't believe it's time to leave already! I'm a bit nervous. I've never traveled to a foreign country alone before, and despite 4 and a half years of Spanish classes, my Spanish is still not very good. Plus, it's been a year since I've really used it.  Also, I'm still far from being packed, and I leave in less than five hours! Thankfully, I'll be able to sleep on the plane, since I'll be up all night.  But even though I'm a little nervous and a bit stressed (though not too stressed to write this, apparently...), I'm still WAY excited to be going to Spain!
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I just saw a trailer for The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian here. It looks SO good. I can't wait to see the movie!!!

I hope they don't change too much, though. This was one of my favorite books. It's inevitable that there'll be some changes made, of course, and I hear they're adding a bunch of stuff since the action-filled part of the book is so short. But I just hope the basic themes, story lines, and overall feel stay the same.  I was VERY satisfied with the first movie, and I hope this one is as good or better. From the trailer, it does LOOK amazing...did I mention I can't wait to see this movie? (Though why is Caspian so old??? And what's the White Witch doing there (well, frozen in ice, but still...)? They mention bringing her back in the book, but they never actually do. And I hope they don't in the movie, because it would just be changing things TOO much, I think.) But I guess I'll have to wait until May to see if it's as great as I'm hoping for.  I hate waiting.  Blah... 


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